Bruno Anaya Ortiz

Job title: 
2022 CLAS Summer Dissertation Fellow
Department of Rhetoric

Bruno Anaya Ortiz is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric Department at UC Berkley. He holds an M.A. in Political Philosophy from the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and a B.A. in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame. Bruno’s dissertation studies how Mexican law’s narrative of the nation has shifted from a model of a single “mestiza” nation to one of a “pluricultural nation” in the last three decades. The rise of the “pluricultural nation” discourse coincides with Mexico’s turn to democracy starting in the mid-1990s and is deeply imbricated in the democratic period’s new electoral institutions. As such, his work studies how cultural recognition and autonomy have come to be a part of Mexico’s new democratic project.

Research interests: 

Mexico, national identity, cultural autonomy, cultural recognition, politics and identity