U.S.-MEXICO FUTURES FORUM: Bridges or barriers?


Catha Worthman provides an overview of the highlights of the 2008 U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum in Mexico City.

With the United States in the midst of a presidential election and Mexico consumed by its own pressing issues, U.S.–Mexico relations have slipped off the political agenda. That said, the social and economic ties between Mexico and the United States continue to pull us closer, and underlying cross-border issues affect millions in their everyday lives. For the 30 or so participants and presenters at this year’s U.S.–Mexico Futures Forum, this proved an unusually important time to address key issues and seek to develop creative perspectives. Three policy areas dominated this year’s discussions: Pemex and alternative energy, immigration reform, and drugs and violence. Whatever the state of the relationship today, there was a sense that the election of a new U.S. president in November could provide a window of opportunity to address issues critical to both countries.

Catha Worthman
Publication date: 
January 15, 2008
Publication type: 
Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article