THEATER: Performance and Politics


Founder of El Teatro Campesino Luis Valdez celebrates 50 years of Chicano theater in the United States.

Fifty years after he began his work in the Delano grape-strike picket lines, Chicano theater artist and activist Luis Valdéz brings us “The Power of Zero.” “La Raza is not a race, it’s a melting pot, and everybody is welcome. We are rooted in the history of this continent. This is what we bring to the computer age — the power of zero, the power of zero to calculate, to invent, to create the universe with everybody else. We’re not any better than anybody else, but we’re just as good: we’re just as brilliant; we’re just as intelligent.”

Martha Herrera-Lasso
Publication date: 
August 21, 2014
Publication type: 
Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article