Spring 2001 Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies


CLAS Examines a Changing Cuba by Lydia Chavez

A View from Within: New Challenges to Mexican National Security by Harley Shaiken

Colombia’s Complexities: Understanding U.S. Involvement by Daniela Mohor

Richard Nuccio Discusses U.S.-Cuba Polic by David Kaplowitz

Dollars and Social Change: Susan Eckstein on Cuba’s Transition by Archana Pyati

International Labor Rights and Labor Solidarity in the Americas by  Catha Worthman

Rio Branco Course Focuses on Brazilian Identity by Nora Varela-Acevedo

Elizabeth Lira on the Trouble with the Truth by Alejandra Torres

Visiting Scholars  

Vitalidad Cubana: Photo Exhibit by Stefan Cohen

Events Calendar 

Center for Latin American Studies, UC Berkeley
Publication date: 
June 1, 2001
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Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article