Mexican Border Art: A feminine perspective


The US-Mexico border in recent decades has attracted much attention and as migrant caravans migrate to the border in search of better opportunities, policies are crated to reinforce the border, and activist organizations emerge to tackle the border humanistic crisis. Artist have also intervened in the US-Mexico border as a way to redefine and reinterpreted the concept of the “border”. My research looks at the art scene along the US-Mexico border. It explores how the border has been transformed into a canvas by various artists. I focus primarily on Mexican women’s artistic engagement with the US-Mexico border. Prior to obtaining the Tinker Grant, I had conducted research on the topic, yet I did not have direct experience with the US-Mexico border. With the Tinker grant, I had the opportunity to do field research in the region and obtain first hand information of women’s experience in the US-Mexico border. This is a project that I hope to continue working on.

María Ochoa Villacana
Publication date: 
October 25, 2022
Publication type: 
Student Research