Informal and formal land markets, value and policy in Bogotá: A first exploration


My research looks at land markets, value and policy in formal and informal settlements in Bogotá and Sao Paulo. It seeks to put urban economics in dialogue with planning, and particularly, questions of right to the city. Prior to this summer, I had researched the history and theoretical underpinnings of the work of the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, a US-based thinktank which is one of the leaders in promoting progressive land policy in Latin America. I continued this research by meeting and interviewing some of the leading figures of the Lincoln Institute, including its former director of 27 years, Martim Smolka. I also conducted preliminary research on how the state approaches informal land markets, by following an urban planner, and worked with a local collaborator in spatial analysis of the distribution of informal settlements and informal housing stock relative to the consolidated city. While this is early on in my research, I greatly valued the opportunity to explore possible topics and openings so early in my PhD.

Isabel Peñaranda Currie
Publication date: 
October 25, 2022
Publication type: 
Student Research