HONDURAS: Unquiet Waters


Civil society and human rights have been systematically dismantled in the wake of the 2009 military coup. Rosemary Joyce and Russell Sheptak discuss the deaths of LGBTQ, women's rights, and environmental activists, most notably Berta Cáceres.

In 2009, the Honduran military forcibly took President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales to Costa Rica, initiating a coup d’etat muddled in popular understanding by claims of constitutional succession. In an effort to address “the confusion encouraged by lack of basic knowledge about Honduras” and to continue to call attention to the work of Honduran writers and scholars who are best positioned to place the struggle into a broader context, we began a blog — Honduras Coup 2009 — that we sincerely hoped would end when the crisis did...

Rosemary Joyce
Russell N. Sheptak
Publication date: 
August 17, 2016
Publication type: 
Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article