HEALTHCARE: Health and Justice in High-Conflict Areas


Dr. Paul Wise argues that an integrated health strategy is needed to save the lives of children growing up in war-torn regions.

Dr. Paul Wise opened his CLAS talk by admitting that the story he was about to tell is not new. On the screen in front of him, two photos were juxtaposed: one of a child looking very ill and one of her home, a decrepit shack that does nothing to protect her from the inclemency of the weather. Perhaps even more serious than the physical instability of the child’s home is its political precariousness, situated as it is in one of the world’s most unstable regions. This situation — “the juxtaposition of multiple serious clinical problems and a setting of profound material deprivation” as Wise described it — exemplifies the challenges that still face those seeking to improve global child health.

Publication date: 
January 15, 2013
Publication type: 
Berkeley Review of Latin American Studies Article