Ch'ol past ontologies: Social indigenous archeology in the region of Palenque, Chiapas


I have worked as an archaeologist in the Maya Palenque region for fourteen years. The purpose of this trip was to start an ethnographic study of the Maya Chol people that live surrounded by archaeological sites, to start more collaborative and engaged archaeology with the Maya descendant communities. I was able to introduce myself and explain the objectives of my investigation to many of the people in the small settlement of Adolfo Lopez Mateos. I know now who are the people best fit to be my key consultants and where I am going to be able to live while doing the fieldwork immersed in the community. It was mostly preliminary presentations and explanations of my objectives and methods to be used.

Esteban Miron Marvan
Publication date: 
August 27, 2016
Publication type: 
Student Research