Cristal Amezcua

Student Assistant

Cristal Amezcua is a Political Science transfer student from the Central Valley. She is passionate about equity in the education system and issues unique to her community, like field worker rights. She hopes to expand her knowledge as a first-generation college student in higher education.

Julia Byrd

Vice Chair
Julia Byrd is the Vice Chair at the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS). She has decades of experience in philanthropy and educational programs in the U.S. and in Latin America, working with U.S. universities and community-based non-profit organizations. At CLACS, she manages and develops grant and endowment programs; administers student fellowships; and oversees programs, staff and daily operations. She has secured more than $3 million in grants from funders such as the Ford Foundation and the US Department of Education. She created the Nahuatl and Mam programs at...

Jonathan Jeremy Flores

Student Assistant

Jonathan Flores is a Legal Studies major from San Francisco, California. They are passionate about advocating for Latinx & Queer voices, especially Honduran voices. Partly raised in Honduras for two years, Jonathan worked to connect to their heritage and, by working at CLACS, they hope to be able to expand their knowledge about Honduras and Central America as a whole. Jonathan can also be seen working in multiple Queer organizations on campus such as QARC or Amores Valientes (QT Latinx).

Greg Louden

Technology & Visual Design Specialist
Greg Louden is the Design, Web and Information Technology staff person. In this capacity, Greg is responsible for planning, scheduling and coordinating the production of publications and promotional materials.

Janet Waggaman

Program Manager
Janet plans and develops public programs for the Center, working with the Chair and Vice-Chair to organize and carry out conferences, lectures, and cultural events. She also develops strategies for community building and program publicity. Janet earned a bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Latin American History from University Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile. She has extensive experience in contemporary Latin American politics and the impact of globalization in the region.