Other Opportunities

Opportunities for students, lecturers, and faculty at UC Berkeley.

Please note these opportunities are not managed by CLACS and should be confirmed by the granting unit. To submit an opportunity for inclusion on this page, email julia.byrd@berkeley.edu.

Opportunities for Faculty and Lecturers

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Berkeley Language Center: Travel Grant Program

Limited funding for foreign language lecturers to attend and present a paper at either domestic or international professional conferences.

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Berkeley Language Center: BLC Fellowship for Language Lecturers

One-semester research fellowships to provide lecturers with the equivalent of one-course release time to work on individual projects designed to further their own professional development. 

Townsend Center for the Humanities: Fellowships for Assistant & Associate Professors

Support for research that significantly involves humanistic material or problems that have a significant bearing on the humanities. 

Opportunities for Graduate Students

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Bancroft Library: The Arthur J. Quinn Memorial Fellowship

Support for research by doctoral candidates (i.e., those who shall have been advanced to candidacy by the time the fellowship is taken up) in the history of California. 

Global, International, and Area Studies: The Reinhard Bendix and Allan Sharlin Fellowships

Berkeley students with ABD status to do research in the fields of historical sociology, historical demography, social history, political and social theory, or historical studies of society and politics. 

Global, International, and Area Studies: The John L. Simpson Pre-dissertation Research Fellowships

UC Berkeley graduate students who plan to do research in international & area studies, from a contemporary or a historical perspective. Fellowships are intended to support travel, lodging, and/or research-related expenditures.

Global, International, and Area Studies: The John L. Simpson ABD Research Fellowships

ABD UC Berkeley graduate students who plan to do research in international & area studies, from a contemporary or a historical perspective. Fellowships are intended to support travel, lodging, and/or research-related expenditures.

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Townsend Center for the Humanities: Working Groups

Support for research in the humanities and the humanities-related social sciences. Groups bring together faculty and graduate students to create scholarly dialogue and to foster the free exchange of ideas on shared research interests. 

Institute for International Studies: Pre-Dissertation Research Grant

For graduate students who will not formally advance to candidacy by the Fall of the fellowship term, grants are intended to support travel, lodging, and research-related expenditures away from campus. 

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UC Cuba Research and Travel Fellowships

The UC-Cuba Academic Initiative will award a few $1,500 research and travel fellowships to UC  graduate students conducting Cuba-related research in any field. Applications due 3/15/22, awards announced 4/1/22. Applications and questions to rafernan@uci.edu

Opportunities for Undergraduates

Berkeley Hope Scholars

Academic retention program supporting all incoming freshman, transfer, graduate, and continuing students who are current and former foster youth, probation youth, or were orphaned before the age of 18.

Berkeley Library Charlene Conrad Liebau Prize for Undergraduate Research

Funding for course-based research projects that show significant inquiry using the library, its resources, and collections; and learning about the research and information-gathering process itself. Applications due in April. 

An 1872 map of Cuba with a large red line showing the stark delineation of east and west. (Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

Department of History Undergraduate Research Grant

Funding for history majors for research expenses related to History 101 thesis. Applications due 10/15 and 3/1. 

Firebaugh Scholars Program

Funding and academic support to design and complete an independent faculty-sponsored research project over the course of one academic year; also offers preparation for scholars to apply to graduate school and post-baccalaureate opportunities in hopes of continuing to diversify the faculty and researchers at colleges and universities across the United States.

Haas Scholars

Funding to carry out a final project in any major. Includes mentorship from faculty members, seminars, and research/writing workshops. 

Institute for International Studies: Undergraduate Fellowship

A year-long fellowship for a group of undergraduate students to work side-by-side with IIS/CPD affiliated faculty and research associates on conducting original research.

Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize

Funding for undergraduates to undertake a special project after graduation, with a focus on issues of social consciousness and the public good. 

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Rausser College of Natural Resources Travel Grant

Funding for undergraduates to support independent research projects.


Funding to support concentrated summer research in preparation for a senior thesis or other major capstone project. Fellows must be entering their final year or final semester and have no other research funding. 

Other Opportunities

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Bancroft Library: Reese Fellowship

The Reese Fellowship in American Bibliography and the History of the Book in the Americas have been established by the William Reese Company to encourage research on material printed in or related to the Americas. 

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Bancroft Library: Gunther Barth Fellowship

Support for projects about nineteenth-century history of the North American West, especially environment, exploration, immigrants, urban history, cultural landscapes, and built environments.

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Center for Race and Gender Student Grants for Research and Creative Projects

Funding for undergraduate and graduate students to support research or creative projects that explore issues related to race and gender. Applications due fall and spring semester.

Members of Xiuhcoatl Danza Azteca in San Francisco at the annual Carnaval San Francisco. (Photo by Carnaval.com Studios.)

Center for Research on Native American Issues Graduate and Undergraduate Mini-Grant Program

Funding for the development of student research projects on issues affecting Native American communities in the U.S. today.

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Center for Technology, Society, & Policy Fellowships

Funding for individuals, pairs, or partnerships with community organizations/schools to develop a project and participate in the CTSP community.

Townsend Center for the Humanities: Conference & Lecture Grants

Small grants for partial funding of public conferences, lectures, and symposia taking place at UC Berkeley.