CLACS Chair Natalia Brizuela on Indigenous Languages in US Universities

October 9, 2023

Indigenous Languages at US Universities

Almost 2/3 of Mexico’s 68 indigenous languages are on the verge of disappearing. More than half of the world’s languages will become extinct in this century. Every two weeks a language disappears. What’s threatening the survival of indigenous languages? What else is lost when a language disappears? How to save them from extinction? On the day the US celebrates Indigenous Peoples, promoters of the teaching of indigenous languages in the United States discuss the issue with Chelis López of Radio Bilingüe.

Guests: Dr. Américo Mendoza-Mori, Director of the Latinx Studies Working Group, Harvard University, and founder of the Quechua Initiative on Global Indigenism, Cambrige, MA; Prof. Natalia Brizuela, Endowed Chair of the Class of 1930, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Professor in the departments of Film & Media and Spanish & Portuguese, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

Listen to the radio show here

from Radio Bilingue