Title Author Yearsort descending Publication type
Homeownership and Economic Prosperity in Brazil - An Exploratory Analysis of the Minha Casa, Minha Vida Program Flávia Leite 2023 Student Research
Gilvan Samico's Woodcuts: The Peculiar Confluence of Highbrow and Popular Art in Brazilian Northeastern Culture Ana Claudia Simãode Oliveira Lopes 2023 Student Research
Violence, Legitimacy, and Capture: Paramilitarism and the State in Caldas, Colombia 1994-2016 Diego Aristizábal 2023 Student Research
Displacing the Tropics: Chagas Disease and the Politics of Landscape Bernardo Moreno Peniche 2023 Student Research
Articulating Cintli Sovereignty: Nahua Farmers and Contemporary Maize Relations in The Land of Fresh Water Jesús Nazario 2023 Student Research
Caring for Palm Trees: The Gendered Politics of Plant Reproduction and Assisted Pollination in Colombian Oil Palm Plantations Andrés Caicedo 2023 Student Research
Agua exportada, territorios secos: Neoliberalism, Agricultural Trade, and Water Justice in Chile Benji Reade Malagueño 2023 Student Research
Climate change and differential water access in Santiago, Chile: a critical approach to climate attribution Kate Altemus Cullen 2023 Student Research
Antibiotic Resistance in Shrimp Farming Tilden Remerleitch 2023 Student Research
Sociophonetic fieldwork in Buenos Aires: Exploring aspiration in Porteño speech Amber Galvano 2023 Student Research
Food Sovereignty and Gender: Agrifood Systems in La Mixteca, Oaxaca María Villalpando Paez 2023 Student Research